Hand-woven wall tapestries

at Gallery Theaxus in Kluisbergen

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Unique hand-woven tapestries designed and made by Dorothea Van De Winkel

The contemporary hand-woven tapestries and rugs you can find at Gallery Theaxus in Kluisbergen - Kwaremont are all unique, designed and executed by textile artist Dorothea Van De Winkel.

Dorothea Van De Winkel's creations are living, independent works of art that will form the centre point, basic element or building block of your interior. Moreover, the soundproofing effect of her beautiful hand-woven tapestries and rugs in modern buildings should not be overlooked.

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Do you also want unique textile art in your home? Discover the hand-woven tapestries and rugs of Dorothea Van De Winkel in her art gallery!!