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You are welcome at the Spring Exhibition at Gallery Theaxus

Dorothea Van De Winkel: tapestries & textile art

The exhibition runs from 6 March 2021 till 26 April 2021
Open by appointment: bookings via +32 478 459 557 -
You are welcome between 14h and 19h.

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Pieter Stockmans: porcelain

Photo B.Touillon

Dorothea Van De Winkel: glass bowls & trays numbered 1/8

Photo Technifoto Van Wambeke

Gallery Theaxus is open by appointment from 2 till 7 pm on Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Dorothea Van De Winkel, Ommegangstraat 3, 9690 Kluisbergen-Kwaremont-Belgium.

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Dorothea Van De Winkel: tapestries & textile art
Her designs are abstract, both for wall and floor tapestries, and can be integrated into the home. They perform as living and stand-alone artworks, seen as the centrepiece, basic element or building block of an interior, while the soundproofing effect should not be overlooked in modern buildings.

Dorothea participated in:
Solo Exhibition - Dorothea Van De Winkel - Contemporary Tapestries.
The exhibition from 7 April to 22 April 2018 in Stadhuis , Markt 1, Oudenaarde.
7th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art: DIVERSITY. In the SUBTE Exposition center. Montevideo, Uruguay 2017. "In The Open Field I, 2014" selected by jury to be exhibited at the World Textile Art. Expo 5 Oct.-11 Nov. 2017.
Dorothea was selected for de expo: "From Lausanne To Beijing" 9th International Fiber Art Biennale width selected artwork "Tornado In The Field II, 2016". From 10 09 16 - 26 09 16 in The Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
'In The Open Field I, 2014' was selected by jury to be exhibited at the 11 International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art 'Scythia'-, June 15-26, 2016 Kherson, Ukraine. Exhibition opening on June 15, 2016. I won the 3 prize bronze medal.
Dorothea was geselecteerd v/d expo: 5th Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial "Tradition & Innovation" with "In The Open Field I, 2014". from 23 04 15 to 10 06 15 in Riga, Letland. The International Conference with the Theme "DIVERSITY & UNITY". in The Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, 1 Torna street, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.

Permanent exhibition

Besides our temporary exhibitions, we also have a permanent exhibition with works of the following designers: Bart Baccarne, Amandus Vanquaille, Pieter Stockmans, Mieke Selleslagh, Rudy Van Geele.

Bart Baccarne

He has been working for several years on outdoor furniture: garden and city benches, picnic tables, flower boxes, etc. These are small to medium-sized series, made from recycled materials and with an indestructible character. The differences are sometimes minimal: number of beams used, height and curve of the railing. Sometimes the designs are more conceptual. He sees it as his task to find new applications for used materials and thus give them back to the community. This location also gives it an extra aspect. Bart teaches here at the Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, one of our main design schools.

Amandus Vanquaille

Under the name The Nomad Concept, he brings a series of light sails that efficiently block both the sun and the rain. Whether it is a small garden or a festival meadow, for every location, he has a solution that is as beautiful as it is sturdy. In Gallery Theaxus, he presents the Icebird, a tent sculpture that is waterproof, stormproof and translucent.
 2001 Icebird sail sculpture

Pieter Stockmans

Creation is based on doing, not thinking; the making gives birth to ideas that in turn give birth to other ideas, and along the way, however strange, decisive options are taken. Like the automatism of the ploughing farmer, or the habit of prayer, or the reciting of mantras, or the repetition of a daily gesture. It is a search for simplicity, for peace, for physical well-being.
Text: Pieter Stockmans

Mieke Selleslagh

Since 1982 she has been working intensively in her studio, developing creations in her typical style with her characteristic technique.
Her hand-turned ceramics sparkle with simplicity and purity in form-authenticity and natural colour patterns.
Text: Mieke Selleslagh

1. Gletjer White - Raku - Photo © Mieke Selleslagh; 2. Coral - Raku - Photo © Mieke Selleslagh;
3. Saphire Bleu - Raku Photo © Mieke Selleslagh

Rudy Van Geele

Since '87, Rudy Van Geele (1955° Ghent) has been making furniture and lighting elements, mostly as unique pieces or in limited series. He invariably uses iron as the basic material because he has the greatest affinity with it, and it imposes hardly any technical restrictions on him. In his lighting objects, he usually uses polyester, which gives a soft translucent parchment-like effect. His objects are characterised by the undulating shape he gives them. The playful, sensual nature of a curved meandering line fascinates him. It gives him great freedom to create all kinds of new forms. That is why he is always searching intensively for new combinations of techniques and materials with which he can create objects that continue to surprise and which he can carry out himself because the things he thinks up he makes himself!
Text: Rudy Van Geele