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 Dorothea Van De Winkel, ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2020!

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Artist of the Year


My artwork has been selected for the virtual Exhibition of UNESCO & MEADOWS artists against COVID-19.
Many Thanks to Lena Kelekian Sulahian and Francesca Maurizi
Friday 29 2020 #unesco #covid19 #meadows

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Inspiring oeuvres from textile art such as hand-knotted and hand-woven tapestries or glass bowls

The Gallery Theaxus in Kluisbergen (Kwaremont, East Flanders) is the Valhalla of contemporary art that multifaceted artists present for you in a beautiful exhibition space.

You can visit temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition with the most diverse of unique works by participating artists Dorothea Van De Winkel, Pieter Stockmans, Bart Baccarne, Amandus Vanquaille, Mieke Selleslagh and Rudy Van Geele

You are welcome to visit Gallery Theaxus on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays between 2 pm and 7 pm.

Are you looking for a contemporary tapestry? Discover hand-woven tapestries & textile art by Dorothea Van De Winkel in Gallery Theaxus.

Gallery Theaxus showcases hand-knotted tapestries & floor tapestries, designed by artist Dorothea Van De Winkel.

Gallery Theaxus surprises visitors with hand-woven tapestries, hand-knotted tapestries, trays and glass bowls.

 Exhibition calendar

Want to know what's going on at Gallery Theaxus? You can find the calendar of current exhibitions full of contemporary art here.

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Founder and artist Dorothea Van De Winkel

Dorothea Van De Winkel has been active as an artist since 1985. In 1992 she founded Gallery Theaxus. This could not be better located than in the artists' village Kwaremont in Kluisbergen. Dorothea has not been idle since then but continues to create unique and exclusive tapestries, rugs and other textile art in a traditional way. Her unique creations have gained her recognition at home and abroad, and she has won prizes at various international exhibitions.

 Artwork Tornado In The Field II

"I was inspired by the current world problems, conflicts, contrarieties, realizing there is always a place for a new beginning.

Different perspectives represented by colors, united into an art creation.
In that spirit I created 'In The Open Field I, 2014' and 'Tornado ‘In The Field II’: An open mind for the positive, take the opportunity for a new start.